EK Studenten (Rusland)

Dear GO lovers!

On behalf of the Russian Federation I am pleased to invite you to take part in The European Student GO Championship 2021 which will be held 18-19.08.21 in Petrozavodsk as part of the International Student GO Festival (16-22.08.21)..


In 2021 the traditional annual "International student GO-festival” (16-22.08.2021) will take place in Petrozavodsk in the hotel "Karelia"(http://karelia-hotel.ru/ ).

Video about the International student GO-festival:


Preliminary program of festival events:

1. 16-17.08.21 – International University Team GO Championship;

2. 18-19.08.21 – European Student GO Championship;

3. 20.08.21 – The cultural program:

- Excursion to the Museum-reserve "Kiji" for participants of the European Student GO Championship (http://kizhi.karelia.ru/index_en.html );

- Master classes on various intellectual table games (Mankala (ovar, gabata), Chinese and Japanese chess, chase, Chinese beasts chess (jungle), reversi, randzu);

4. 21-22.08.21 – Open GO tournament "Karelia Cup".

At the moment, work is underway to find sponsors for the festival.
If everything goes well, the participants will receive support:

1) One official representative of the every national GO association which is a member of the EGF will receive a support - free accommodation during the competition (18-19.08.21) and a free excursion program (Excursion to the Museum-reserve "Kiji", 20.08.2021);

2) Free meals (lunches) during student competitions 16-19.08.21.

In 2019 participants of the International Student Go-Festival (19-26.08.19)

actively communicated with each other and became convinced that through the game GO it is possible to understand each other without even knowing the language:


(video about the GO-festival, containing interviews of participants of the festival).

Faithfully yours,

Vice-president of the Russian GO Federation

Alexey Lazarev

16 aug 2021 t/m 22 aug 2021