European Youth Go Championships (EYGC)

Lake Palica, Subotica

Dear Go friends,
As you already know, European Youth Go Championship 2016. (EYGC 2016) will be held in Serbia. For playing place we have chosen Palic, nearby Subotica town, close to Hungarian border. It is very nice place with all facilities needed to organize tournament. One of the reason we have chosen Palic is that is closer for travelling for most of European players.
The hotels where you will stay during the championship are very nice and cheap. Please be aware that price for sleeping and three meals is 25 Euros per day, per person, for everyone who pay before 01. February. We where forced by hotel to charge 33 Euros for payment made in February and March.
For all of you who travel to Belgrade airport, we can organized transportation to Palic, for about same price as public transportation, but much faster, and more conformable. Return ticket from airport to Palic should be about 30-35 Euros. If you want to travel this way, please let us know as soon as possible.
We will do our best to make you fill god in this championship, so we expect you.
If you have additional questions or requests, fell perfectly free to contact me.
For more details see

Mijodrag Stankovic, President of Serbian Go Federation,

24 mrt 2016 t/m 27 mrt 2016